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Unculture is anything useful or enjoyable that culture leaves behind.

It is the mysterious garden from which our institutions bloom, namely:

  • The Church

  • The Family

  • The School

It is the fuel propelling these bones of civilization, the set of life-giving ideas, emotions and activities that animate society. It stands outside the bounds of ephemeral culture, because it precipitates culture.

All counter-culture opposes culture, and therefore the institutions, and therefore the Unculture from which they all arise. But Unculture has no interest in resisting the counter-culture, because Unculture is incontrovertible.

While every revolution begets a counter-revolution, Unculture sits beyond the limits of that vicious cycle. It encompasses only traditions molded by the fires of time, not destroyed, conducive to family, church and school:

  • Eating

  • Drinking

  • Singing

  • Dancing

  • Praying

  • Gardening

  • Reading

  • Laughing

  • Working

  • Talking

  • Celebrating

To live happily, we must adopt Unculture in place of our ever-fragmenting set of cultures and counter-cultures. Instead of rebelling against our foundations, we must rebel against our self-destruction.

Not only does Unculture aid our survival, it grants a much simpler life than keeping with the latest trends. It sets our perspective on matters that last. We rest easy, obtaining a happiness that does not fade with every sunset. We feel pride in our work. We watch our children grow and do the same.

With Unculture Media, we want to provide you a place on the Internet free of slippery rhetoric. In place of frivolity, we want you to be edified by the scaffolding of American culture: faith, merit and free discourse.

We will cover workers and thinkers from all walks of life, believing that:

  • Hard work pays off

  • Gains are good

  • Funny is funny

  • Holy things are for the holy

The world needs a positive case for good.

Instead of a reaction, this is our platform for all things good. Subscribe here, and we look forward to corresponding with you.

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